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Dextrose Anhydrous IP/BP/USP

Dextrose Anhydrous for oral ingestion may be used in treatment of various diseases and nutrient enhancers. It used as Fillers, Diluents & Binders for tablets, capsules and sachets. As Parenteral Aids / Vaccine Adjuvants it is Suitable for use in cell cult

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A noteworthy contribution to the field of medicine, the IP/BP/USP grade Anhydrous Dextrose is used in intravenous injections vital for preventing dehydration. In many critical conditions, especially during comas, operations, excessive blood loss due to injuries, wherever oral administration is not possible and is very useful in cases of Diarrhea & Heat strokes. Dextrose 5%, 10% or 20% helps restore fluid energy equilibrium while a normal saline solution is for prompt compensation of primary water electrolyte deprivation. Dextrose Anhydrous is also widely used as a major ingredient in the oral rehydration salt (ORS) segment. Being a natural sugar, it immediately cures a person of dehydration, sugar drop and giddiness.

Application: Pharmaceutical industry 

Specifications: Dextrose Anhydrous IP Dextrose Anhydrous BP Dextrsoe Anhydrous USP


In 25/50 Kg HDPE bags with the inner liner of LDPE and 25 kg Kraft Multiply Paper Bags.

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