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EDTA Di Sodium

EDTA Disodium Salt (Ethylene Diamine Tetra Acetic Acid Salt), CAS NO. 139-33-3, White Powder, EDTA 2NA

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EDTA 2NA, or EDTA disodium, known as ethylene diamine tetraacetic acid, has the chemical formula C10H16N2O8Na2, which appears as a colorless crystalline solid. This compound is used to separate metal ions and reduce their reaction, especially in many industrial and cosmetic products. Its use in cosmetics increases the effectiveness of cosmetics as well as stabilizing solid soaps and many detergents. In addition to the above, this combination is also used in a variety of fertilizers and cleaners, color film solutions, and pH adjusters.

Products are used by a wide spectrum of industries like Agrochemical, Paper Industry, Rubber industry, Lather industry, Agriculture, Cosmetic industry, Paint industry, Rayon industry, Electroplating industry, Pharmaceuticals, soap and detergents, Textiles etc. Dev International has earned a name of being a quality supplier. We have a team of qualified professional who are trained to live up to customer's specific requirements and service effectively.


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