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Calcium Hypochlorite

Calcium Hypochlorite, also known as Perchlorine, and has the chemical formula ca(OCl)2, is one of the industrial chemicals that has many uses. The most important application, which is very strong, is in disinfecting municipal water.

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Sodium and calcium hypochlorite, while having a series of similarities, also have differences. For example, both are chlorinated mineral compounds that are commonly used for disinfection. But their differences include more chlorine in calcium hypochlorite. It contains approximately 79% chlorine, which is higher than sodium. Sodium hypochlorite is used to dechlorinate in places where there is a large volume of water and calcium is used in places with less water capacity.

Calcium Hypochlorite Uses:

The use of calcium hypochlorite is mostly due to its use in drinking water treatment. While this material is used in pool water treatment, production of paper and related textiles, laundries, disinfection of environments and places and surfaces, production of home bleach, and various items of organic chemistry. In the following, we will discuss how this combination works in each of these uses:

Water treatment:

Chlorine in all its forms (gas, liquid and solid), is the most important disinfectant for drinking water and swimming pools.The mechanism of action of perchlorine is through its small, specific molecules that can pass through the cell membrane of bacteria. These molecules can kill germs by affecting the oxidation of the cells of microorganisms and inactivating their enzymes.



The advantage of this material over washing powder is its low-temperature washable property, which preserves both the fibers and color of the fabric and saves energy.

Paper production:

Chlorine bleach is also used in the paper industry. Calcium hypochlorite is used to discolor waste paper and remove the ink.


organic chemistry:

Calcium hypochlorite is a common oxidant in organic chemistry. For example, it is used to produce glycols, carboxylic acids, keto acids, and the toxic gas chloroform.

Disinfection of vegetables:

Calcium hypochlorite is used in the disinfection of vegetables and other plant products, which is not a scientific and correct thing to do. Perchlorine is classified in a large family of hazardous chemicals and can be pathogenic to humans in the long run if absorbed by vegetables and not thoroughly washed.


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