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Formaldehyde 37%

Formalin; formic aldehyde; formal; methyl aldehyde; methylene glycol; methylene oxide; methanol; morbicid; oxamethane; oxymethylene; paraform; polyoxymethylene glycol; superlysoform. Colourless liquid with characteristic pungent odour.

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Product Uses:

In the manufacturing of phenolic resins, artificial silk and cellulose esters, dyes, organic chemicals, glass mirrors, explosives; disinfectant for dwellings, ship, storage houses, utensils, clothes etc., as a germicide & fungicide for plants & vegetables, improving fastness of dyes on fabrics, tanning & preserving hides;, mordanting & water proofing fabrics; preserving & coagulating rubber latex; in embalming fluids.


In the manufacture of explosives, photographic materials, antiseptic and fumigants; in treatment of pulp & papers; in cosmetics, fertilizers & fuels; in treatment of fur & hair, mouth wash, germicidal soap, lavender water & cologne; sterilization of surgical instruments; as food preservative.

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