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Sorbitol Liquid

D-glucitol; D-Sorbitol; Sorbogem; Sorbo

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A combination of natural products of vegetable origin viz. sorbitol, starch and sugar syrup have been used along with acids and minor proportions of polyethylene glycol(400) to synthesis a novel polymeric surfactant which can be used to replace acid slurry in powder, liquid and cake detergents.

Applications & Liquid sorbitol uses

  • Textile and Leather Application: Sorbitol is usually used as a dispensing agent, humectant/bodying agent, and sequestering agent. It is used as a color stabilizer in textile printing, as a humectant in textile sizing, and as a softener in finishing.
  • Emulsion Products:Sorbitol retards the loss of water by evaporation from oil in oil/water emulsions.
  • Tobacco Industry:Sorbitol is used to contribute to the flavour of chewing tobacco and used as humectant and conditioner
  • Adhesives Applications:The characteristics of sorbitol that it neither loses nor absorbs any appreciable quantity of water increases the viscosity of the glues composition, and its non-volatility are an advantage in adhesive applications.
  • Pharmaceuticals Industry:As a good humectant and plasticizer sorbitol is usually used in emulsion ointments and in gelatine capsules. It is also finds uses in pharmaceutical syrups where it’s stability, non-cariogenicity and viscosity are an advantage. Sorbitol is also used medically in culture mediums to distinguish between various strains of bacteria such as E coli.
  • Others Industries Sorbitol is used to make polyurethane foams with specific strength and absorbency which finds uses in, for instance, vehicle dashboards. It is also used as a chelator in metal working and is used in processes to anodize aluminum


In 300 kg HM HDPE barrels, 1 MT IBC and in ISO Tanks


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