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Pine Oil

Pine Oil is sold in different variants like Pine Oil 22%, Pine Oil 32%, Pine Oil 42%, Pine Oil 65% and Pine Oil 85%. We offer Imported Pine as well locally manufactured pine to meet your requirements.

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Leaders in Pine Oil Distribution Dev International is a market leader in distribution of Pine Oil. Pine oil is a colorless to pale yellow essential oil. Depending on its source, pine oil may either have a fresh, earthy, and forest-like fragrance or a strong, dry, balsamic, turpentine-like odor.

We proudly claim that the quality of Pine Oil sold by us is of premium quality and above industry standards. Our range for Pine Oil includes:

  • Pine Oil 22%
  • Pine Oil 23%
  • Pine Oil 32%
  • Pine Oil 42%
  • Pine Oil 65%
  • Pine Oil 85%

Pine Oil is a general ingredient of household products. It is used as disinfectant as it contains phenols, which are acidic chemicals that have germ-killing properties. Our range is effective against yeast spores, E.coli and household germs. Pine oil is used in various industries like paints, protective coatings, cleaning product, adhesives and lubricants.

Pine Oil Features

  • Accurate composition
  • Precise pH value
  • Longer shelf life

Pine Oil Usage

  • Used in Phenyl – as Disinfectant,
  • Used in Paint – as a Good Solvent,
  • Used in Textile – so that Printing Ink doesn’t spread,
  • Used in Leather industry – to maintain oil lost during drying

Used in Perfumery - to reduce odour of other chemicals.


50 liter & 210 liters


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