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Coco Betaine

Cocamidopropyl betaine produces a thick lather when combined with water. The lathering action helps loosen the dirt and impurities that you are washing away, so they are easier to rinse off after cleaning. Thickening. Cocamidopropyl betaine makes products

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Coco Betaine is am amphoteric surfactant, zwitterionic in nature. It has excellent foaming capability, and the foam formed in fine and stable. It is bio-degradable.


Coco Betaine is widely used in Home Care and Personal Care products as a foaming and cleaning / cleansing agent:

In Hair care products viz. Shampoos, conditioners etc. where CB also provides conditioning property to the formulation. It is substantive to hair. It reduces the static charge build-up on hair, prevents hair from “fly-away” effect and imparts good styling characteristics to hair

In bath and body-care products like liquid soaps, body wash, shower-gels, bubble-baths and baby-care products

In detergents, floor cleaners etc. CB is recommended for usage in such products due to its excellent wash and soil suspending power, and good tolerance towards high level of detergent builders, electrolytes, alkalis and acids

In combination with Fatty Alcohol Sulfates / Fatty Alcohol Ether Sulfates, it shows synergistic properties, building up the viscosity of the formulation.


Coco Betaine is available in HM-HDPE drums of 235 kg. Net wt. Total of 80 drums i.e. 18.8 MT can be shipped in a full-conditioner-load.



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